Training & Services

Services, training, and outreach

HANDS in Autism® offers a wide range of service, training, and outreach options to best meet the needs of individuals (and those who care for or work with individuals) with autism and related disabilities.

Our training model incorporates strategies supported by academic literature and involves instruction, trainer modeling, trainee practice, trainer feedback, and coaching and mentoring.

We offer specialized training, services, consultation, and resources for:

Our levels of training

  • Conferences & networking events
  • Website subscriptions
  • Informational material distribution
  • Visual support toolkits
  • Instructional manuals & digital media

  • Setting-based consultations
  • Program evaluation & consultation
  • Customizable training & consultation
  • Packages
  • Interactive workshops
  • Traditional in-service trainings & live webinars
  • On-demand interactive modules

  • Collaborative site development
  • Multi-day & multi-week intensive trainings (virtual & onsite)
  • Multi-visit team consultations
  • Train-the-trainer events

  • HANDS lab site
  • Individual and group programming
  • Internships/experiential learning

Our work is an ongoing process

We are always working the continued development and evolution of our innovative training model, founded on the belief that it should:

  1. focus on student strengths
  2. provide comprehensive training
  3. focus on educational processes from assessment to goal development
  4. provide for blending of strategies based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and evidence-based practices
  5. offer hands-on work with students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Ask, learn, and share

We regularly offer free open office hours where you can ask questions, share successes and challenges related to your role and setting, and discuss the topics you’re finding most pressing.

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