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Indiana autism needs assessment

HANDS in Autism® is looking for participants from Indiana who are impacted by autism, including but not limited to individuals with autism over 18 years of age, their family members and caregivers, education personnel, medical professionals, justice and public safety personnel, community providers and employers.

Potential participants can participate in an online, anonymous survey. The needs assessment survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

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The data we collect through our assessment of needs in autism resources and services in the state of Indiana informs and guides recommendations for policies, processes, services, and programming across the state.

Request accommodations

For more information about this study or to request alternate formats/accommodations to complete this survey, contact Drs. Naomi Swiezy and/or Tiffany Neal, coordinators of this project, at or call 317-274-2675.

How we use needs assessment data

By completing the needs assessment survey, you provide input about the status of autism services, resources and supports in your community. Your local perspective is invaluable in the state’s evaluation of challenges and/or gaps in services and supports. The information we collect is used to help determine the necessary range of services and supports for autistic people.

Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Individuals with ASD

The needs assessment informs the activities of the Indiana Interagency Coordinating Council (IIACC) and the content of the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Individuals with ASD. The Comprehensive State Plan is used to direct efforts and resources that address Indiana’s most pressing ASD needs.

More about the IIAC:

Current goals of the comprehensive state plan

  • Family and professional partnerships
  • Access to community-based services
  • Early screening and identification
  • Transition to adulthood
  • Insurance (including autism mandates)
  • Justice system & public safety
  • Culturally responsive implementation

Autism knowledge survey

We are investigating the differences in beliefs and knowledge about autism across parents, educational personnel, medical professionals, and licensed therapists with varying levels of experience. Please consider taking the survey knowing your input informs our work to foster a mutual level of understanding and more effective bridging of the systems of support that exist to help families, caregivers, and individuals affected by autism. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete with all responses being anonymous.

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