Global Community Cadre

Sharing solutions across the globe

The Global Community Cadre (GCC) is a global network of families and professionals invested in serving individuals affected by autism and related developmental disabilities.

The GCC Mission

To facilitate the sharing of information, training and resources that improve understanding and support of autism and other disabilities through collaboration across expanded global community systems, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Family Members
  • Individuals
  • School
  • Medical
  • Service
  • Advocacy


GCC members across diverse roles take joint responsibility to identify solutions that will work within their community or global system to improve the quality of life and inclusion of individuals with autism and their families.

GCC Core Four

The core elements central to all cadres to create meaningful and lasting change include:

The GCC encourages connecting and collaborating with diverse points of view to facilitate dialogue including diverse, science-based ideas between professionals and families.

Ongoing dialogue between the GCC, HANDS in Autism® and stakeholders encourages evaluation and identification of needs brought to light by GCC members.

Development of global awareness of and capacity to support individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities through training and professional development to help provide consistency in autism knowledge across the globe.

The interdisciplinary knowledge base, connections, experience, and skills of the GCC membership will encourage shared global community responsibility and effort in addressing the needs of families and professionals supporting and caring for individuals with autism and related disabilities that foster development and sharing of solutions and resources.