Student Opportunities

Current opportunities

Research Assistant

Position type:

Student volunteer role in fulfillment of course or program requirements*
*Expanded role types (i.e., on-campus employment, part-time, hourly positions) are offered pending the experience, qualifications, and duration of students with the HANDS team.


Research Assistants (RAs) have the opportunity to engage across an array of research and dissemination stages as part of project teams centered around the Center’s research studies, pilot projects, and program and facilitation efforts. Quarterly goals are set within project teams spanning stages of data collection, analyses, visualization, and both scholarly and non-scholarly dissemination to extend the impact and outreach efforts of the Center. Assistants have the opportunity to take part in these teams to gain training and experience in practical and translational research and research tools (e.g., REDCap, data management, EndNote, literature evaluation, basics of charts and graphs, and data visualization) while also building relationships with our collaborative partners inclusive of but not limited to the Ruth Lilly Medical Library and Department of Biostatistics.

Field-Based Assistant

Position type:

Student volunteer role in fulfillment of course or program requirements; off-site or off-campus focused with work within communities, sites, and/or State entities


Field-based assistants work alongside HANDS team members specific to field-based implementation programs and/or projects. Roles may include but not be limited to working with HANDS collaborative sites, within the HANDS Coordinated Care continuum, among pilot projects, contributions to program evaluations, and/or state and community facilitation efforts. These high-profile community initiatives align with the core mission and vision of the HANDS Center to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and professionals affected by special needs.

Program Assistants

Position type:

Student volunteer role in fulfillment of course or program requirements (e.g., service learning programs or hours)


Program Assistants work with the HANDS leadership team to support tasks or efforts across programs and projects that provide unique student and volunteer opportunities, aligned with course or program requirements, among those looking for a more limited service experience without the constraints of a particular number of hours. Assistants may be looking for a one-time opportunity or a regular, ongoing schedule depending upon the needs of the Center and the program requirements, interests, and skills of the individual. Activities might include program-level support of HANDS leadership in preparation of specific programs or events, partnerships or outreach, and/or participation in particular community or awareness events or initiatives.

Medical students can explore HANDS through an elective

Indiana University School of Medicine students, residents and fellows may choose Autism and Related Developmental Disorders (93PS830) as an elective course.

The HANDS in Autism® (“HANDS”) School & Community Consultation Medical Elective has been designed to provide learners in medical education with an opportunity to shadow, engage, and learn about school experience and community living particularly as it relates to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a range of other special needs.

Learn more about the HANDS student elective