Transition Planning

What do we mean by “transition”?

Big transitions are changes that happen over long periods of time, or are big in scale, such as the move from preschool to elementary school-based services or from high school to community-based services. Moving from one city or state to another can also be a big change.

While the details of each transition is different, the basic process to prepare for each one is similar.

Planning a transition

The core components to consider when planning for large-scale transitions are:

  • a place to live
  • transportation
  • work and adult education
  • healthcare and finances
  • family and friends
  • recreation and leisure
  • self-advocacy

Things transition planning can help with:

  • introducing family and student to the adult service system
  • determining the support needed by the student to live, work, and recreate in the community as an adult
  • identifying adult service system gaps, enabling transition the team to advocate for appropriate services
  • providing information to adult service providers about individual needs
  • providing information critical to determining appropriate IEP goals

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