Education & Advocacy

Our understanding of autism is growing

The world’s understanding of autism and disabilities is vastly different than it was 20—or even 10—years ago. Whether you are autistic, or are raising or serving someone who has been diagnosed, there are many more interventions and treatments available.

Professionals are becoming better informed about working with individuals with autism. There are also more options and services to help individuals and families live better supported, joyful, fulfilling lives.

Learning what autism is and is not, and how to advocate for ourselves or someone else is important, whether we are an individual, parent, caregiver, health professional, educator, first responder, friend, neighbor, or other community member.

After the diagnosis

If you or someone in your life has recently been diagnosed with autism, our pressbook, Next Steps, has information about available supports, rights and regulations, treatment and interventions, practical strategies, and more.

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