Ongoing volunteer opportunities

  • Support of community events and awareness efforts via material preparation, outreach distribution and contact database development specific to events or targeted groups
  • Data entry and representation specific to service, public interest, private sector or other dissemination
  • Data collection via observations or interviews for use in social media or program evaluation
  • Specialized support for programs (e.g., informatics & new media, PR & marketing, business development, public health & policy, social services) based on areas of interest or skill.

Volunteer with us

Top 10 reasons to volunteer with HANDS in Autism®

#1: Make a difference: With your help, we are able to help more individuals with disabilities and more professionals working with them.

#2: Learn new things: Every time you help us create visual tools, support a training, or work with our HANDSmade team, you learn something new that benefits not only you, but the community at large.

#3: Give back and do some good: You are able to support resources that are a benefit to a wide variety of families, professionals, and individuals with developmental disabilities

#4: Strengthen the community: You are able to support families, schools, medical offices, and community organizations by helping us create and disseminate tools and resources.

#5: Gain professional experience: If you are interested in working with individuals with developmental disabilities as a teacher, therapist, provider, or any other role, you can gain experience alongside such professionals.

#6: Expand your network and build teamwork skills: Teamwork, camaraderie, and networking – all these are part of a volunteer experience.

#7: Grow as an individual and increase self-esteem: Helping others helps you grow as a person and allows you to practice empathy and self-efficacy

#8: Help yourself: Helping others helps you reduce your own level of stress and increase such positive moods and emotions as optimism, joy, and control over your life.

#9: Step outside your comfort zone: Volunteering will give you a chance to expose yourself to new ideas and challenges that may help you grow professionally and personally.

#10: Develop job-related and leadership skills: As a volunteer you will work independently and in teams, which gives great opportunities to practice such skills as time management, responsibility, as well as decision-making skills. All of these are skills that will be helpful for you throughout your life!

We regularly have opportunities for volunteers, including but not limited to the creation of materials, material distribution at events, event support among others. Submit your application to be considered for the upcoming volunteer opportunities.