Who we are

HANDS in Autism® is a state-wide training and resource center.

We build “local capacity” to help individuals with autism and their families find ways to address their concerns and thrive—in concert with any services they receive—in their communities. Our focus is person-centered. We pay close attention to the individual’s strengths and their needs, as well as the needs of those serving them and their families.

HANDS is well recognized beyond the sphere of autism and related disabilities. Our behavioral and educational principles and practices are relevant and useful to a wide range of individuals.

We work closely with individuals and families and consult statewide with community schools, homes, treatment facilities, and other rsettings integrated with medical professionals. Our immersive role has enabled us to learn how to promote successful outcomes in service delivery across these settings.

Our mission

To provide unique learning opportunities designed to improve understanding of the process and ability of working with individuals with ASD and a range of other developmental and behavioral challenges through hands-on and coaching experiences and building bridges of information, resources and collaboration across family, educational, medical, and community systems.

Our vision

The overall vision of the HANDS in Autism® Interdisciplinary Training and Resource Center is to build local capacity in the use of behavioral and educational practices implemented to address even the most complex community-based contexts. This vision is supported with the comprehensive and data-driven HANDS Model curriculum, framework, and process of outreach, education, and training. Our model is accessible, usable and relevant across systems, providers and communities serving individuals and families affected not only by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) but a full range of disabilities, ages, intellectual and functional abilities and neurodevelopmental, behavioral, and other challenges.